16 Nov
Created by Dabs & Myla, Pose MSK, Craola & Revok AWR

Respected street / graff artists Dabs & Myla, Pose MSK, Craola and Revok AWR were invited to design their own unique version of The Canman blank vinyl toy, and the results are the limited edition Canmans Artist Edition. The collection of vinyl toys were the results of each artists’ design and creation, with each vinyl toy featuring a removable lid for storing spray paint tips and other items discreetly. Plus, each Canman includes a real spray paint tip that may interchanged with other types of spray tips. Collect the four, or buy your own blank Canman and create your own timeless art.

One more close-up of the The Canmans Artist Edition Vinyl Spraycans after the Jump…

via Hypebeast


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