What do you do when you have an epiphany, and unknowingly strike upon genius? Why, you try to repeat it. And what do you do when that bolt of brilliance takes the form of a Book of Boobs In 3-D? That’s pretty simple: you take more photos of boobs (aka life’s universal salve), and you also render them in 3D. Simple, direct, genius. Redundant? In a way, yes. But in another more important way, no. I mean do men, or women for that matter, ever bore with looking at well shaped boobies? I say no. It’s the American way. The book’s creator, New Zealand photographer Henry Hargreaves, is so dedicated to his craft he even offers a fresh set of 3D breasts daily on his aptly titled 3DD/Day blog. God bless you Hargreaves for your honorable diligence. Pick up the 3DD Deluxe hardcover, with glasses, for $30 at the 3DD Shop.

A NSFW gallery of Henry Hargreaves’ “3DD Deluxe” book after the Jump, and follow LIAS on Twitter and/or Facebook for everyday eye-popping action…


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