23 Dec
Stuff Melanie Iglesias "Flip Book: Xmas Edition" in your stocking

Why is this my favorite time of the year, you ask? Because it’s the only time we’re not inextricably tied to the insatiable whore known as the Blogosphere. See, most of you go home and your work day is done — you play with the kids, log onto Battlefield 3 on your Xbox or just pass the time Googling Lisa Ann videos. But no, not us. There’s always some tweet to be tweeted, some ridiculous luxury sneaker to be covered, some mixtape to be listened to, viral video to be watched or collaborative fashion item to be passed along. But not this week. No, the time between Christmas Eve and January 2 is our time — to play with giant vintage Shogun Warrior action figures, purchase Super Robot Bionic Bopper Cars that make us happy and drink an almost Bukowskian level of alchohol. Why? Because it’s what we do. That is what we do, people. So press play on the video below and accept our humble thanks for your continued patronage to our site. I swear we try to keep it interesting. If you don’t like it email us (figure it out) and tell us what you want more of — we’ll listen to you. Oh, and you might as well follow LIAS on Twitter or Facebook while you’re at it, that way you can keep tabs on the many ways we thrill/disappoint you with our questionable slant on life… Happy New Year’s bon vivants worldwide, we’ll see you in 2012!!

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