5 Dec
Confederate's lightest, fastest & cheapest streetbike ever

The third generation of Confederate’s Hellcat motorcycle, dubbed the C3 X132, is promised to be the lightest, fastest & cheapest bike ever to come from the erstwhile New Orleans-now-Alabama builders. Based around a 132 bhp generating 2163 cc V-twin motor engine made of billet aluminum, the real star behind most Confederate bikes is the design — and the new Hellcat’s evil profile doesn’t disappoint. Although not bristling with power, the 132 bhps should do some damage when you consider the bike only weighs 475 lbs, which results in an admirable power-to-weight ratio. Outfitted with LED lights, Pirelli Supercorsa SP tires, Marzocchi forks and Brembo brakes, the C3 X132 Hellcat will start at $45,000 over at Confederate Motors. As Wall Street Journal reviewer Dan Neil notes below, what really makes any Confederate bike special is its exclusivity — and seeing as the Birmingham builders can make at most 2 a week, you won’t be seeing too many C3 X132 Hellcats flying around your neighborhood… but you’ll be stoked if you ever do…

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  2. Carl Razazi says:

    This looks rather awesome…

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