20 Dec
Flying high just got personal... expensive & personal

Fans of James Bond will tell you that there’s a certain coolness factor that goes with flying whilst simultaneously saving the day. We can’t promise that you’ll save anyone’s day with Parajet’s latest flying gear, but you’ll certainly have a good time giving it a shot. Paramotoring is a relatively new sport that gives everyone — that is, everyone with deep pockets — the chance to experience personal flight. While they offer packages for beginner, intermediate and expert paragliders, it is their limited edition Paramotor Package that will get you started. For roughly $11,000 (£7,199), flight enthusiasts will get a Parajet Volution 2 Macro Paramotor, Paramania Revo2 Paraglider Wing, GIN One reserve Parachute, an Icaro Paramotor Helmet and 1 week training in Spain or the UK. To secure the package customers will have to throw down a 50% deposit, which shouldn’t be a big deal if you’re able to actually afford the sport in the first place. If you’re looking for another engine or another combo altogether, the folks at Parajet will have whatever you’re looking for to get your rocks off. Manufactured in the UK, each paramotor is hand built to ensure the highest level of quality and safety.

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