16 Dec
Dirty, dark & delicious techno courtesy of Speedy J & the Droid

Our friends over at DROID BEHAVIOR are celebrating the 9th Anniversary of their landmark INTERFACE party, and it goes down tomorrow night (Saturday, December 17th). The DROID crew (Drumcell, Audio Injection & Raiz) invited the great Speedy J and Los Angeles DJ Silent Servant to join the festivities and turn it up to 11. Expect solid, solid techno. And bring your dance shoes. The Interface 34 / Droid Behavior 9 Year Anniversary afterhours goes from 10pm – 8am at a cost of $20 – $25. To gain entry you must RSVP to rsvp[at]droidbehavior.com by 11pm tonight to receive information / date / directions. If you read this Saturday, just email us and we’ll lead you in the right direction…

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