Perhaps you’re planning to live off the land in a few short months, or maybe you’re expecting a zombie attack or the end of the world (no, really this time). Or maybe you’re just doubling down on that whole Mayan Apocalypse thing. If so, the Just-In-Case Kits from O. F. Mossberg & Sons might possibly be exactly what you never knew you needed. Both all-in-one survival packs include a pistol grip Mossberg 12 gauge pump-action, 6-round capacity shotgun inside a resealable clear bag, inside a waterproof synthetic carrying tube. Both packs also holds additional vital gear — the JIC Cruiser contains a “Survival Kit in a Can”, while the JIC Mariner holds a multi-tool and serrated knife combo pack. Make either yours for $360, and if it ever comes down to an undead throwdown you can tell those Mayan Zombies where to stick it.

via Uncrate

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