9 Dec
Gülpen's $6,500,000 diamond-encrusted Barbie toy

When FoxNews and the parade of lunatics known as the Republican Presidential Nominees callously vilify the Occupy Movement as treasonous, all the protesters really need to do is hold up an image of this four-wheeled travesty and I’m pretty sure everyone will get it. German model carmaker Robert Wilhelm Gülpen is out to set the Guinness Book of Records by crafting the “most expensive and most precious model car in the world”, because, well, why the hell not. And the car they chose is the wildly gorgeous Lamborghini Aventador LP 700-4 — although in this case they’re looking to render it jawdroppingly gaudy. Gülpen aims to craft the model completely out of solid gold and platinum, with copious carbon fiber. As it’s the Aventador LP 700-4, Gülpen plans to use 700 precious stones per seat — that’s 1400 gems in the seats alone. They’re also throwing in diamonds for the LED headlights and even more colored precious stones for the taillights. In total, more than $2.5 million in raw materials will go into the model — assuring it indeed captures the title of most expensive model car the world has ever seen. The car will be auctioned off in Dubai this December with a starting bid of $5,000,000. If you don’t want to fight the hordes of mouthbreathing gajillionaires that would waste invest their money on such a trinket, however, you can straight up buy rights to the Gülpen Solid Gold & Platinum Lamborghini Aventador for a measly $6,500,000, which will allow for a whole other level of customization for the lucky buyer. Of course for the price of a small African nation, you expect more than just a tiny car you can never drive, right? Well you’re in luck — the model will come with various other ephemera to make you feel special: a piece of a stone from the first Lamborghini building in Italy, a first design drawing of the Aventador car and engine, a part of the first engine prototype and other unannounced goodness. $6.5 million for a solid platinum car your Barbie can ride around in? Sounds like foolproof investment if you ask me. After all, as Gülpen argues, “it is not a model car. It is a piece of art.”

A rear shot of the Gülpen Solid Gold & Platinum Lamborghini Aventador after the Jump…

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