14 Dec
Taschen's look at the decade's most influential & interesting films

The new millennium ushered in a politically charged and social media-obsessed society dominated by technology and an increased geopolitical awareness. Film has always been a cultural index, illustrating and amplifying the cultural climate in which we live. Just as Technicolor™ revolutionized Hollywood in the early 20th century, innovations in cinematic technique in the 2000s changed the way movies were made and how they were viewed. From the advancement of cheaper digital cameras to the proliferation of home editing bays, Taschen attempts to document this phenomenon with their latest hardcover coffee table tome, Movies of the 2000s, and calls it “a celebration of moviemaking and an elegy for a soon-to-be-lost art.” Well, let’s hope it’s not a dying art. The book compiles a study of movies from a wide range of genres including, Lord of the Rings, Avatar, Inception, Persepolis, 2046, Brokeback Mountain, No Country for Old Men and Black Swan. But its not all Hollywood hits — indie films from Brazil to Mongolia are well represented. Movies of the 2000s will be available starting next year $40.

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