2 Dec
A limited edition hardcover by the “Godfather of Pop Surrealism”

A new collection of California artist Mark Ryden’s work is presented by Taschen in two special edition hardcover coffee table books. The collection is titled Pinxit and is translated to mean “painted by” in Latin. An intriguing blend of high classical techniques with surrealist elements, Ryden’s paintings are partly responsible for ushering in the current era of “Pop Surrealism” that has overtaken art galleries since the 1990s. His paintings explore innocence with its scenes of young girls in mystical and strange settings. Special additions to the book are intricately detailed foldouts and essays by Yoshitomo Nara, Carlo McCormick and Kristine McKenna. It will be available this month at Taschen’s website in two editions: the highly exclusive Art Edition is limited to only 50 copies, is priced at $6,000 and contains a custom signed silkscreen print, full leather cover and gold leaf embossing. The other edition is limited to 1,000 copies at $1,000 and is signed by Ryden.

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