8 Dec
The composer of "Children" proves his underground mettle

Robert Miles managed to do 2 things in the 1990s: 1. craft one of the biggest songs in the history of EDM (electronic dance music); and 2. annoy the world with one of the most over-played tracks in the history of mankind. The first was his doing, the second was not. The song in question, “Children“, is in itself one of the prettier and more indelible songs in the genre, and there’s a reason it resonated with cultures worldwide — resulting in mindboggling global sales of over 14 million and reaching #1 in more than a dozen countries. Of course with great success comes inevitable backlash, and Miles was targeted for much Haterade. Hell, for the tsunami of bad derivative trance that followed he deserves it. But truth be told, Robert Miles is not only one helluva producer but also one world class DJ, as this latest mix will certainly attest. A perfect soundtrack for a meloncholy Monday trying to get back into the workday swing of things. Stream below, and download for keeps if you like what you hear… Oh, and you may want to check out his latest album, Thirteen, on Salt Records.

Robert Miles_Hypnotronik 011 [DJ set] by Robert Miles

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