6 Dec
Pedal for your heath or power up the engine for 188 mpgs

Like the popular Derringer Cycles we’ve covered frequently, Yamaha’s Y125 MOEGI pedal motorcycle concept is both motorcycle and bicycle in one — allowing the user to switch between pedaling to get where he wants to go and turning on the engine to allow it to do all the work for him. In the latter mode, the Y125 MOEGI’s fuel-injected 125cc single cylinder engine (mated to a four-speed transmission) gets a whopping 188 mpg — which is great considering the miniscule tank only holds .8 galllons. Still, that’s plenty for more than week of urban commuting at pennies per day. Plus the bicycle/motorcycle hybrid weighs in at a scant 176 pounds. And considering its retro looks and sharp design, the 2-wheeler is exactly the type of daily commuter young urbanites are clamoring for. No word yet on production, but we’ll keep an eye out for developments on this one.

3 Responses to “Yamaha Y125 MOEGI Concept Motorcycle/Bicycle Hybrid”

  1. larry stanley says:

    Price in USA? What a sweet bike.

  2. larry stanley says:

    How much and where can I buy one?

  3. Ricardo medina says:

    Donde se puede adquirir esta moto colombia

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