27 Jan
Warning: Naga Jolokia-infused vodka not to be taken lightly

The folks at Master of Malt will soon be releasing the world’s hottest chilli vodka, dubbed “100,000 Scovilles Naga Chilli Vodka”. The spirit was made from infusing vodka with Naga Jolokia, the world’s hottest chili. Competitive types be aware, this vodka is not meant to be drunk neat — and especially not in shot form. Named after the measurement used to rate the heat of chillies, the bottle features a very lengthy warning. Each Scoville unit denotes how many times the chilli must be diluted by its own mass of water until the heat is only just detectable. For comparison sake, a Jalapeno pepper has around 5,000 Scovilles — but the pepper used to make the vodka can exceed 1 million Scovilles, which is more than most Law enforcement-grade Pepper Spray. The team at Master of Malt recommends this drink be used sparingly and only to add spice to exotic cocktails or even in cooking. Still interested? Buy a bottle of the 100K Scovilles Chilli vodka for under $50 (£31.95).

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