6 Jan
Cos when you're a DJ, sometimes it pays to look especially stupid

You know how Paris Hilton said her latest venture is to become a DJ? Now that nobody gives a shit about her anymore and she needs to find another profession where she pretends to do stuff while being paid for it, it’s no surprise the vapid famewhore chose DJing. Press “play” on a pre-recorded mix someone made for you, bob your brainless head a bit, wave your hands around on the crescendo and Presto Blammo! — you’re a fucking DJ. Of course she wouldn’t be bringing enough shame on her ancestors if she just went up to the booth and pretended to do stuff, so she should probably augment her “performance” by wearing headphones covered in crystals. Why not. The latest edition to the Beats by Dre headphone collection, dubbed the Mixr, should do the trick. Due for release on January 16th, each pair is swathed in 2,750 individual Swarovski crystals by Crystal Rocked and will be available in a Jet Hematite & Crystal colorway, with other colors coming in the spring. Included in the Beats by Dre headphones is the Crystal Rocked aftercare pack, 1/8 to 1/3 adapter, Micro USB charging cable, touring case, monster cleaning cloth and a 1 year warranty. It does not come, however, with any solvent to cleanse your fetid soul. Make them yours for $850 (£549).

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