Legendary ad-man George Lois, known best for his groundbreaking Esquire covers (which we’ve covered before) wrote a book to give advice for people with talent, and it’s damn good advice too. Perhaps Lois has been accused in the advertising world for taking credit for others’ work, but in this Phaidon book the art director/designer/author offers original insight, helpful tips, personal anecdotes and lessons on how to succeed in the creative business world, and in life. Half guide and half insight into the mind of a seminal creative thinker, Damn Good Advice (For People with Talent!) would be helpful to anyone searching for some answers in their lives or career. If you see the man in Art & Copy documentary, you’ll know instantly that Lois is not one to bullshit or mince words. Get the Phaidon paperback now at Amazon for $10.

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