11 Jan
A 620-horsepower, $225,000 US-born thoroughbred

Incubating since 2009 in the Michigan city of Holly, American coachbuilder Falcon has finally unveiled the production version of its F7 Series I supercar. Centered around a specially tuned naturally aspirated 7.0L V8 LS7 engine plucked from the Corvette, the F7 — like the Zenvo ST1 Supercar — is taking its inspiration from a decade where supercars were simpler, and actually goddamn super: the 1980s. The exterior demands to be noticed, a brash look that isn’t neutered by the windtunnel. The engine is naturally aspirated — no turbo lag for the F7. Per Falcon:

“Some enthusiasts believe modern supercars have lost their edge. Some current supercars coddle their drivers with a supple ride and automated gearboxes.  Electronic safety nets reduce the driving skill needed to push the limits. The net result can be an abject absence of personality. The Falcon F7 Series I rebels against this trend. It personifies a thoroughly modern performance machine with the soul of a classic supercar.”

Designed to accommodate drivers up to 6′ 4″, the roomy interior features hand-sewn leather seats, an iPod docking station, Bluetooth device connectivity, Garmin GPS, premium audio system, keyless locking and ignition system, power windows and air conditioning. Its 620-horsepower V8 will be mated to a Ricardo-designed 6-speed manual transaxle with a hand-crafted billet aluminum shifter. (Whether Falcon will bend to the inevitable market pressure of offering an automatic option, like the Zenvo was forced to do, is yet to be seen.) Engineered with hundreds of on-track hours in development, the F7’s unique race-derived chassis is tig-welded aluminum with an integrated carbon fiber structural tunnel, complimented with a carbon fiber-reinforced floor pan and firewall. Boasting a 0-60 mph between 3.3-3.6 seconds with a 200 mph top speed, the Falcon F7 is a much needed addition to manufacturers like SSC looking to keep America in the supercar dialogue. Only 10 of the highly exclusive vehicles will be hand built at the factory in Holly, with a pricetag of $225,000.

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Falcon F7 Initial Track Testing from Falcon MS on Vimeo.

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  1. issa bendeck says:

    great : american body and best of all, american engine ,,,,a nd what enine , of course the greatest egine ever `,’ GM`s reazon to be alife, the great and venerable SBC with a big block desplacement, now GM’s so called LS series .

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