25 Jan
The life's work of the legendary filmmaker & graphic designer

Pablo Ferro is a legendary filmmaker and graphic designer credited with the design of seminal title sequences like that of Dr. Strangelove and Beetlejuice. Following his life’s journey and work from his humble origins in Cuba to his partnerships with film and animation legends like Stan Lee, the film pieces together the story of an extraordinarily unique individual via interviews and creative animation. Famed for inventing the split screen montage featured in the original Thomas Crowne Affair, Ferro influenced and changed the way movies’ titles — and consequently how the films themselves — were viewed. Director Richard Goldgewicht incorporates Ferro’s own animation in the documentary and blends myth and reality to create an urban, pop art storyline for Ferro’s life. The film’s release has been a long time coming as Goldgewicht has been working on it since 2005, but is scheduled to come out later this year.

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