24 Jan
Eric Perriard's photographs of isolation in Seoul, Korea,

The isolation of the urban landscape is captured sensitively by photographer Eric Perriard. Catching people off guard in their moments of self-reflection in the city of Seoul, Korea, Perriard examines how the individual copes with his/her environment. The subjects are surrounded by an overwhelming urban landscape that encapsulates them and makes them invisible by its own enormity. The search for moments of silence and recluse within the busy humdrum of modern life sought after by the subjects is one that many of us can relate to. The subjects can be considered uninteresting; they are basically standing there. Yet Perriard is able to render their private moment so effectively that one can imagine themselves in their positions. Perriard shows how each person desperately needs these moments of self-reflection to keep their sanity and not get lost in the city.

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