9 Feb
The 4.0-liter Rover V8-powered "luxury" dirt conqueror

Wildcat’s newest off-road vehicle for 2012 is the 300STR — designed to handle the roughest of terrains, yet still have similar control features of a sports coupe. Tested by Richard Hammond and the ‘Stig’ on Top Gear, the 300STR promises to offer the best of both on- and off-road performance. The Wildcat will fit right in on both traffic-heavy highways and barren roads, but can be equipped with “luxury” features such as air conditioning and space for a set of two golf clubs — the basic metric for any luxury vehicle. The 300STR still has the racing heritage Wildcat is known for — with a lightweight tubular chassis and a body manufactured from composite fiber glass, the combination makes for a durable backbone to a vehicle that pushes 270 hp by a 4.0 litre Rover V8. The transmission is a five speed synchromesh gearbox with a two speed transfer box, the system providing both smooth road performance and extreme off-road performance. Accompanying the Wildcat is power-assisted steering and a powerful servo-assisted braking system coupled to large disc brakes front and rear. The interior is fitted out with a wipe-clean sound deadening headliner and side panels, easy to clean of mud and dirt while cosseting the driver comfortably. Combined with a carbon style dash top is the purpose-built SPA analogue dash system, giving the driver all the key information he needs whilst at the wheel of this unique vehicle. The heated windscreen and two-speed powerful wipers keep clear view of the road even in the worst conditions.

One more look of the 2012 Wildcat 300STR after the Jump…

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