8 Feb
Hot Toys 1:6 scale replica of Batman's wheels

The hysteria surrounding the completion of Christopher Nolan’s lauded Batman trilogy is personified by Hong Kong manufacturer Hot Toys’ new collectible: a 1:6 scale replica of the Dark Knight’s Batmobile. The miniature Batmobile is fully equipped with functioning light-up headlights, cockpit opening panel and moveable braking flaps — measuring in at 29″ long, 18 1/2″ wide, 11″ tall, the massive “toy” weighs in at almost 23 lbs. The collectible is scheduled to be released before the movie, Dark Knight Rises, comes out in July and is sure to excite die-hard fans. The Dark Knight figurine itself is, tragically, not included with the collectible which doesn’t make any sense. What’s the Batmobile without Batman? Why must toymakers always taunt us with not included items?? Bastards… pre-order the Hot Toys Dark Knight Batmobile now for $440.

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