24 Feb
The Dutch Bros BMW 1-Series based retro racer

The Dutch Huet Brothers have always loved building vintage-inspired vehicles built on the guts of modern performance cars. So it is odd they chose the ill fated (and electronically challenged) Triumph TR6 as the base for their first vehicle, the HB Special. Luckily the boys from Netherlands have smartened up and for their latest creation, the HB Coupe, they’ve regrouped and built their car around the rock solid and brilliantly engineered BMW 1-Series. The gorgeous vintage lines rest on a carbon monocoque chassis with several engine options available to the well-heeled clientele: a four-cylinder diesel with 220 horsepower, an inline six with 306 horses, and a racetrack-ready six cylinder with 330 hps notching a 0-60 mph click in under four seconds. Hit the brothers up if you’re in the market for a car that shines with the allure of days past yet performs with the spritely energy of modern youth. No word on price yet, so good luck on that…

via Gear Patrol

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