3 Feb
British label spawns high-end American-made sub-brand

British label Passarella Death Squad has spawned an American-made sub-label in order to bring their price points down to a more civilian level. Where as PDS items are made in England using very expensive premium Japanese fabric, the new line Kempes will be made in America using American fabric. Of course, the fabric is still of the utmost quality, and the shirts still embody PSD’s famous monochromatic subtle sexiness. Like their their Velvet Underground & Retro Arcade-inspired tshirts, Leather Jackets , high-end selvedge denim line and ready-to-wear collection, the design and standards in aesthetics and craftsmanship are exactly the same, only cheaper with American craftsmanship. “We’ve always been inspired by American pop culture so we’ve chosen a selection of t-shirts which fuses Passarella’s aesthetic with an American sensibility. Like a love letter to the states!” promises founder Danny Broddle. Both mens and women’s tshirt lines will be made in the first Kempes collection, and will be available at Urban Outfitters.

Kempes by Passarella Death Squad from Passarella on Vimeo.

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