17 Feb
An interesting but ultimately incomplete look at the most important art exhibit of 2011

We reviewed OUTSIDE IN: The Story Of Art In the Streets last summer when the film came out, and our take was that it was an interesting peak into the MOCA exhibit, but it was basically a fluff piece making all invested parties look good. Perhaps that was to be expected, but for a film that was supposed to show the “Making Of” the Art In the Streets exhibit, it was incredibly myopic — there was no insight into the selection process, no peak into the discussions that were had in its development, who should make the cut (and who shouldn’t), how to set up, etc. Just basically some of the artists setting up for the mega expose. Also it should be mentioned that director Alex Stapleton never addressed the infamous Jeffrey Deitch/Blu controversy [if you need a quick primer, get it HERE and HERE] that was such a central event leading up to Art In the Streets. To not even mention it, and pretend that it didn’t happen, just seems like your trying to sweep something under very large and ugly under the rug. Give us Deitch’s point of view, let him address it, do something. Just don’t pretend it didn’t happen.

Regardless, that’s just one man’s (and woman’s) opinion. Now you can watch it all on the privacy of your own laptop and decide for yourself. Sure it’s an interesting watch, but it’s incomplete if it’s billing itself as behind the scenes look at one of the world’s most important exhibits of 2011…

OUTSIDE IN: The Story of Art in the Streets from Patrick Simpson on Vimeo.

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