9 Feb
Standard issue for every girl who wouldn't talk to you in the 80s

If you grew up at all in the 80s, then you fell in love at some point with a girl who wore white Reebok Freestyle sneakers. It’s not an assumption, it’s empirical science. For those kiddies who grew up in the 90s, the vision of young girls rocking huge Aquanet hair, bright make-up, stirrup pants, acid wash denim and snapping watermelon-flavored Bubblicious gum may be nothing more than a John Hughes film spoof, but to the rest of us it was a very real deal. The type of thing to give you a jr. high boner in bio class which you desperately tried to hide behind a Riptide Trapper Keeper (Google it). It is with this vision of nostalgic reverie that I welcome the upcoming Reebok Vintage Sneaker Collection. The 4-Pack celebrates the 30th year of the landmark Freestyle silhouette — the mid-top aerobics shoe that was standard issue of every hot girl that wouldn’t talk to you. There’s also the 25-year-old Workout Plus and CL LTHR running shoe, all of which come in black or white in premium leather, packaged in the original shoe box from their initial pre-Ferris Bueller launch. All styles and colorways of the limited edition Reebok Vintage Sneaker Collection will be released next Wednesday, February 15th — find them at atmos.

via Freshness

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