1 Feb
The emissions-free sustainable appliance city bike

What some might deride as an abomination of design we think makes a pretty stunning urban transport. Sure BOXX corp‘s electric bike looks surprisingly like a well designed slim fit toaster, but the bike has the stats to make it a real city getaway option. The all-electric scooter is entirely emissions free, can carry 300 lbs, and has a top speed of 35 mph. It also features all wheel drive, traction control, ABS braking systems and LED lighting. In addition, there are two cargo bays hidden in its slight 36 inches long aluminium frame, while weighing in at a slight 120 lbs. Nice design, eco-friendly and loaded with premium features — not a bad option. Pick up the BOXX electric bike at their online store for just under $4,000.

via Neatorama

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  1. carlrazazi says:

    Atleast this BOXX bike has AWD traction control…

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