10 Feb
The all-electric startup that could aims for the common folk

Tesla’s much anticipated Model X CUV prototype was unveiled last night at owner Elon Musk’s design house in Los Angeles, and it looks better than many of its competition. The Model X is derived from Tesla’s Model S, which has its sights set on more popular price point that its Roadster simply could not hit (it’s hard for most environmentalists to afford $100,000 on a 2-seater). Priced at base around $50k (after tax credits), the Model X will probably rise close to $90k with the larger 85-kWh battery pack option and all trimmings checked (as opposed to the standard 60-kWh battery). The coolest aspect of the CUV is the fact that since it has no combustion engine the front is freed up to be another trunk — giving the all electric crossover 2 trunks. This allows the CUV to transport seven people and their luggage. The Tesla Model X CUV also features gullwing-like doors and a 0-60 click in just 4.4 seconds. It’s great to see Tesla — who many disregarded as nonviable when the Roadster first launched in 2008 — with more and more vehicle options that the common folk can afford. Best of luck, Elon & Co.

The Tesla Model X CUV’s gullwing-like doors

via Autoblog

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