If you can keep focused on the sunglasses above, they’re a collaboration between the Vintage Frames Company and Ultra Eyewear to resurrect their 1977 classic Ultra Goliath 2 frames. I could tell you that the “Snow White Project” Ultra Goliath 2 were produced with the original Goliath 2 mold in Holland (in the same factory nonetheless), and that only 50 highly limited edition frames will be made, but is there really any point? Hat tipped to the art director for putting together this brilliant campaign featuring a modern day Snow White in Montreal… if Snow White were a tattooed, redhead model who liked hanging out in the woods completely naked. Only problem is, is anyone actually looking at the sunglasses? The Vintage Frames Company x Ultra Goliath 2 Snow White Sunglasses will only available at Vintage Frames Shop for $500, and come with either tinted or clear lenses.

Hit the Jump to see more of the Vintage Frames Company x Ultra Goliath 2 Snow White Sunglasses… and by more we mean a boob-centric NSFW more…

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