6 Feb
Italian dirt bike now in road-legal scrambler & café racer form

The  limited production Zaeta 530 DT may be currently confined to the dirt track, but the Italian company revealed plans to soon make the 530 DT available in road-legal scrambler and café racer variations. The latest design features an aluminum frame (close to seven pounds lighter than the previous tube design), an improved rear suspension geometry, a DOHC single cylinder engine built by TM and a total weight of around 250 lbs. In order for the Zaeta 530 DT motorcycle to hit street legal production, Zaeta founders Paolo Chiaia and Marco Belli have joined forces with builder Mr Martini, engineering specialist In-Motion and the Milan motorcycle dealer Officine Mermaid. We here at LIAS, like others in the auto community, hope they’re able to continue their track record of impeccable dirt bikes into solid road bikes.

via BikeEXIF

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