Some things just go together, like boobs and skateboarding (and apparently kittens, but that’s another story). Much like Doodah’s Ingenious “Supermodel Deck Project” from last year, for some reason skateboarders seem to appreciate the female form. Or maybe skateboarding is just funner naked, who knows. The point is that Boom-Art — a gallery dedicated to all things board-oriented — is now taking 3 pin-up girls illustrated by famed French painter/sculptor Alain Aslan and is transforming them into a line of limited edition skateboards. Originally 1970s pin-ups painted for Lui magazine, the nude forms of Brigitte, Kate and Martine will now be enjoyed by a new generation of boobie skateboarding aficionados. But I’m not sure you’ll want to be doing rail slides on these beautifully illustrated (and somewhat NSFW) boards, they’d make better wall art than skatepark fodder…

via FreshNGood

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