8 Mar
Celebrating 15 years of the high-end German turntable maker

The high end German turntable maker Acoustic Signature introduces its flagship model, the Ascona, crafted to celebrate the brand’s 15 years in existence. And for their anniversary, they’re not playing around: not only will each Ascona cost you $34,000,  but you better be prepared to have your own moving team if you hope to lug this thing around. Weighing in at an obese 176 lbs (80 kilos), the Ascona is hand built with the sturdiest and heaviest of materials to assure minimum resonance. “Because we know that the perfect turntable requires a resonance free platter rotating perfectly, with great stability, a very high mass platter is the answer,” explains Acoustic Signature. Hence the use of 50mm thick solid aluminum platter, along with an array of carefully engineered solid brass silencer inserts, a carbide ball at the base and self-lubricating bronze inserts. Designed by Acoustic Signature’s CEO Gunther Frohnhöfer, the premier high fidelity Ascona is available with two tone arm configurations, in either a silver or black anodized finished.

See the silver Acoustic Signature Ascona Turntable after the Jump…

via Kaplan

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