20 Mar
Paul Gough's 160-page paperback on the famed prankster

Banksy has become somewhat of a cottage industry for publishers, who all seem to want to express their perspective of the famed Bristol artist/prankster (and/or make some money off his name). The latest is Banksy: The Bristol Legacy from professor/author Paul Gough, 160-page paperback which follows his rise in his hometown of Bristol culminating in his 2009 exhibit His Summer Show, and analyzes Banksy’s impact on the art world in general. Even the cover seems to be taking the piss a bit, showing one of Banksy’s notorious rats painting over Damien Hirst’s unimaginative polka dots. Pre-order Banksy: The Bristol Legacy at Amazon for about $14 (£8.70).

via FreshNGood & Glltn

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