22 Mar
Escort knife set all you need to handle that pesky chupacabra

Sure, you could buy a regular set of daggers if you really wanted to, and I’m sure they’d make short work of that chupacabra you keep seeing behind your Xbox around 3 am (I’ve been meaning to tell you, you really gotta lay off those late night Big Buddha Cheese weed x Archer sessions my man). But why mess with steel daggers when you can have aerospace grade woven 100% carbon fiber at your fantasy-creature-killing fingertips? You’d be a fool not to, especially considering these Escort Carbon Fiber Daggers are all made 100% in the USA of “uni-directional pre-preg”, whatever that means. Of course keep in mind that carbon fiber does not offer a super sharp blade, as Escort explains: “It’s not really meant for cutting, but rather for self-defense/stabbing. The blade does not hold an edge, but can be “sharpened’ by simply using a sandpaper or even a sharpening stone.” So yeah, if you’re smart you won’t try to slash your chupacabra nemeses, just get all stabby and aim straight for the heart. Pick one or all of them up for between $65-$85. (Pssst… buy all 3 and get 10%!)

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