27 Mar
Ninja Tune's tribute to the legendary Dusseldorf quartet

Years ago DJ Food assembled a series of mixtapes all based on the music of Kraftwerk. And while all the mixes were found scattered here and there, DJ Food has finally assembled them all in one place on Soundcloud. Not all the tracks featured on the various mixes contain actual samples of the legendary German proto-electronic act, but they may also be cover versions of their songs, or simply ones that “obviously owe a debt to the Dusseldorf quartet.” Each of the mixes also contain spoken word snippets, interviews etc spliced throughout. As DJ Food describes:

“Here it is, the ‘rare’ one, if something digital could ever truly be such a thing. This mix was hosted at the now defunct Bosbos.net along with four others but the link to this particular mix corrupted and I’d get people emailing me to see why they couldn’t download #3. This is one of my favourites and I really slaved over it around Xmas 2004. I spent way too long online searching for a rip of the sketches from the Little Britain comedy show with the punchline, “Computer Says ‘No”, which I was determined to get into the mix somehow. A lot of electronica and hip hop in this one and some great versions of ‘Autobahn’, although the Fink listed isn’t the same Fink from the Ninja Tune label, but another.”

The Kraftwerk Kover Kollection 3 mix originally appeared way back in 2005 on Ninja Tune’s Solid Steel Radio, and features everyone from Jay-Z, 2 Live Crew, X-Ecutioners and MC Lyte to The Cardigans and U2. Enjoy!

Full tracklisting for DJ Food’s “Kraftwerk Kover Kollection 3” Mixtape after the Jump…

DJ Food Kraftwerk Kover Kollection 3 Mixtape Tracklisting:

Skanfrom – Phon Sweet Phon
Compulsion – Home Computer Database
Evil Twin – Trans Europe / JT
DJ Danielson – Partisans of the Lesser Known (Man in Suit)
Mannequin Depressive – The Model
The Cardigans – Das Model
Sopor Aeternus & The Ensemble Of Shadows – Modela
Jack n Madness – I Like Percussion
Z-Entropa – Antenna
Orchestral manouvers in the Dark – Neon Lights
U2 – Neon Lights
Makoto Inoue – Europe Endless / Neon Lights
Koto – Trans Europe Express
Empire State Human – Hall of Mirrors
Terre Thaemlitz – Mannequins
Bowery Electric – Freedom Fighter
X-Ecutioners – A Journey into Sound
Mitja VS – Neon Lights
Jay-Z – (Always Be My) Sunshine
MC Lyte – Cha Cha Cha
2 Live Crew – Dick Almighty My
Frenchbloke & Son – No Expo
Terre Thaemlitz – mensché Machine
Fink – Highway
Tragic Comedy – Highway
Gary Lucas – Autobahn
Kimitaka Matumae – Respiratory / harmonica
Beitthron – Airwaves
Teruo Nakano – Computer Love
Alva Noto – Man Machine
XCRanium – The Man Machine
Terre Thaemlitz – Tour de France
Terre Thaemlitz morning Spazergang
Skanfrom – Phon Sweet Phon
Xingu Hill – Electric Cafe

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