2 Mar
Sure you could just jump in, but what would be the fun in that?

Have you ever been lounging on a boat, and wished instead of floating on the water all warm and dry you could be floating on the water wet and hot? If so, the people behind Hot Tub Boats can help you fulfill your absurd well thought out desires. These floating jacuzzis can accommodate up to six people (eight if docked), and come loaded with two coolers, locked dry storage, water jets, running gear and safety equipment. Even better, you can keep your green cred secure while indulging in the Hot Tub Boat as it is powered by an electric motor which can cruise at between 4 to 6 knots, and is cleaned with a UV/chemical-less filter making them environmentally sound. What may not be so sound, however, is your cognitive dissonance when you realize if you wanted to be wet, you could’ve just jumped in the water. But don’t let rationality ruin your good time, just get yourself a Hot Tub Boat and let the worries float away.

One more image of the Hot Tub Boat in action after the Jump…

via Uncrate

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