You know, sometimes a product comes along and you wonder how no one came up with this simple idea oh-so-long ago? Like the ingenious Arkeg, the Marshall Amp Fridge seems like such a no-brainer it’s automatic. Sure it’s more than just a little bit corny, but dammit if it wouldn’t look good classying up your mom’s basement executive office. With 4.4 cubic feet of frosty fridge space there’s plenty of room for all the Schlitz & PBR you can shotgun in one night, but the nicest touch has to be the replicate dials, which naturally go to 11. Why not make 10 louder, and just have the dials go to 10 you ask? Because these go to 11 (God bless you, Nigel). Get one for your rock star mancave for only $300, deliveries beginning in October.

A video of the Marshall Amp Fridge after the Jump, just in case you forgot how to use a fridge…

via Laughing Squid

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