28 Mar
Iconic British label puts all its cliques into collectible figure form

The iconic British label Fred Perry has spurred many a youth movement in its day, starting off as simply a tennis label which was then unknowingly adopted by — and in many ways ended up defining — the mods. The 2tones came after, and soon the label was appropriated by a seemingly incongruous gamut of cliques, from Skinheads to Preppies. To celebrate their stately 60th Anniversary, Fred Perry has tapped Medicom Toys to create a limited edition series of their Bearbrick figures. The respected Japanese toy manufacturer has created six of the 70% Bearbrick figures to highlight Fred Perry’s widespread appeal: Tennis, Mods, Skins, 2Tone, Preppy and Union Jack all receive their highly accurate, and quite humorous, Bear interpretations. The limited edition collection will hit shelves in April — keep an eye out at all Medicom retailers.

Two more figures from Fred Perry x Medicom’s 60th Anniversary Bearbrick Series after the Jump…

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