9 Mar
Made of whip snake, yellow lizard skin, Japanese shark & more

Inspiration can strike from anywhere. Take Querijn van den Broeke, who was scouring European boutiques looking for that particular unique wallet that spoke to his sensibilities. Not knowing exactly what he was looking for, van den Broeke knew he’d know it when he saw it. Problem is, he never saw “it” — the Dutchman was frustrated to realize 95% of wallets were simple brown or black leather with very little deviation. That’s when he decided to take matters into his own hands and start his own line of wallets — one that wasn’t confined by centuries-old parameters of design. So he launched QUASSO, which differentiates itself by offering two lines of high end walletry: Nobile and Rosso. The Rosso line specializes in using the most extensive types of calf leather — from shrunk nabuk to a patent T-Rex print. But the Nobile line is where QUASSO truly takes off. Its exclusive line crafts beautiful wallets made of ultra exotic leathers like whip snake, bright yellow lizard skin and Japanese shark skin. And not only do they update their line twice per year, but QUASSO also slide in some limited edition wallets as well. All are handmade in northern Italy by local craftsmen, resulting in “prodotti caldi”, or warm products, which is characterized by the stitching, clean corners and hand scored lines. Van den Broeke likes to define his luxury line as “downtown chique”, and by incorporating elements such as slim design and memory card pockets it is evident that QUASSO understands its target market. For now the QUASSO line can be found in 25 stores across Europe, or can be bought directly at their online store.

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