23 Mar
Seriously, nobody cares Peggy.

Some things don’t need to be over-explained. Such is the case with Alexis Bittar’s new pendant, simply titled “Reality TV Makes Me Sad”. Of course if you watch a lot of reality TV, chances are you’re kind of sad in the first place. And probably lonely. Then maybe you don’t need to spend $425 to tell the world about it — you can just show up to Ian’s housewarming party this weekend and bore everyone with your inane opinions of the latest Housewives of Choose-Your-Fucking-City-Of-Despair show you “hate but can’t stop watching”. Everyone will already know your sad state of affairs. Hey, wait a second Peggy — who invited you here anyway? I thought we all agreed not to tell you about this fucking party? Goddammit Facebook, you can never keep a secret…

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