13 Mar
For when you want to taste booze without drinking booze

If you ever find yourself fiending for the sweet hoppy goodness of some Sierra Nevada Indian Pale Ale, but can’t quite slip away to knock back a dozen cold ones, then you can at least coat your lips with some Sierra Nevada Cascade Hops-N-Mint lip balm. Made using Cascade hop oils and all natural ingredients, about the only time you’ll want to avoid using the chapstick is when driving. Might be hard to explain why your breath smells so rich and hoppy to that fine gentleman with the radar gun. Pick up a stick at the Sierra Nevada giftshop for only $1 each.

One Response to “Sierra Nevada Brewing Company Cascade Hops-N-Mint Lip Balm”

  1. joex444 says:

    Sierra Nevada makes a beer called “Sierra Nevada Pale Ale.”

    “Indian Pale Ale” is a typo. The style is called “India Pale Ale” — named after the place not the people. And Sierra Nevada is not known for making an IPA.

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