5 Mar
Master metal jewelers release latest sterling silver creation

Our good friends The Great Frog have been hand making jewelry since 1972. Their wares have graced the fingers, wrists, necks, and waists of rock and metal royalty for decades, ranging from longtime supporters like Iron Maiden & Metallica to new fans like Kat Von D, QOTSA, and even Lady Gaga. Their original shop is still going strong on fashionable Carnaby Street in London, and finally after ages of talking about it, TGF have now come across the pond and opened not one but two shops here in the U.S. of A. LA (Los Feliz) kicked things off last year with the unveiling of a custom ring for none other than the mighty Motorhead and now the NYC (LES) shop is going to turn it up waaay past 11 by showing off their newest limited edition ring for thrash legends SLAYER! Each ring is hand-made, sterling silver and will have have its own personal Limited Edition Number engraved in the back. Let it Reign In Blood for $310 (£195).

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