11 Apr
The legendary G-Wagon gets its luxury upgrade

Not to be outdone by its luxury SUV nemesis Porsche Cayenne GTS, the iconic G Wagon unveils its fresh updates for 2013. No one wants Benzo to touch the G’s throwback exterior, so other than adding some LED daytime running lights the shell stands firm. Instead Mercedes focuses on the interior, upping the luxury appointments on what is usually regarded as a very capable utilitarian vehicle. But if you’re looking to up the ante, then the 2013 G63 AMG is clearly the way to go. Powered by a 544 hp, 560 lb-ft of torque biturbo V8, the G63 will also pull the reins on fuel consumption via its standard ECO start/stop system which shuts down the motor when the SUV is in full stop. The 2013 Mercedes-Benz G-Class will hit showroom floors in late summer.

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  1. Carl Razazi says:

    It will be nteresting to see how the 2013 G63 stacks up against the competition.

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