11 Apr
Verbal & Kim Jones' limited edition designer music player

Sometimes you don’t need a full iPod to get your music on, sometimes a little button with only three basic controls (stop/start, skip and volume) will do. then you may want to check out the Verbal x Kim Jones Louis Vuitton Playbutton, a tiny music player which is the brainchild of Tokyo-based design collective Ambush and Louis Vuitton. Ambush’s Verbal and LV’s men’s ready-to-wear style director Kim Jones have assemebled a playlist of 10 tracks that you can literally pin to your lapel, making music listening a weightless breeze. Of course as its Louis Vuitton it’s gotta be exclusive, so only 30 of the Verbal x Kim Jones Louis Vuitton Playbuttons will be made — packaged in a nice gift box for the latest issue of Vogue Hommes Japan. Good lucik getting ahold of one!

More detailed look at the Ambush x Louis Vuitton Playbutton after the Jump…

via Mocoloco

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