26 Apr
8-wheel champion of dirt, snow, mud and open water

How often have you found yourself charging through wild tundra, only to come across an expansive lake blocking your path to that mountain you’re looking to traverse? Usually you’d have to circumnavigate that huge body of water before you could complete your mission to Mordor. But not if you had the Argo 8×8 750 HDi, then you could just lower it into the water and motor your way across. The ARGO is an 8-wheel-drive amphibious off-road vehicle powered by a capable V-Twin liquid cooled 747cc, 31 hp Kohler Aegis electronic fuel-injected engine, which not only has excellent fuel economy but is reliable both in cold weather and high-altitude. It’s efficiency, utlity and performance in one 8-wheeled package, capable of towing 1,150 lbs. on land or 1,000 lbs on water. Pick up your world conqueror for $19,500, and get going on disposing of your Precious.

via Gear Patrol

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