If you’ve been looking to upgrade your LEGO collection with a handsome young gent to visit that “Grandma’s House” set you built, you’re in luck. LEGO has recently launched the new Minifigure Series 7 featuring 16 new designs —including “Grandma Visitor” — yaye! There’s plenty more, from the frightful to the straight up nerdly (shocker). The full Series 7 line-up features never-before-seen exclusive minifigs such as: Aztec Warrior, Evil Knight, Galaxy Patrol, Jungle Boy, Viking Woman, Ocean King, Grandma Visitor, Rocker Girl, Tennis Ace, Computer Programmer, Bride, Swimming Champion, Daredevil, Bunny Suit Guy and Bagpiper. Look through the Gallery to see the new designs, it’ll be your only chance to see what the minifigs look like as they’re wrapped in mystery packaging. Of course, for only $3 you can spare to purchase a few until you find the right one… although we’re all looking for the Computer Programmer, aren’t we?

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  1. […] and Joker. Seeing as LEGO has already dropped many a fanciful minifigure recreation (such as the Aztec Warrior, Evil Knight, Galaxy Patrol, Jungle Boy & Daredevil set, the Zombie, Robot & Mexican Wrestler collection, and of course who could forget the LEGO-like […]

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