2 Apr
354 HPs, 94 MPGs & 2 electric scooters for urban commute

BMW‘s future thinking i division unveiled its third concept this weekend in anticipation for the New York Auto Show — the BMW i8 Spyder. The Spyder is essentially the topless version of the previously released Coupe,with the same drivetrain and innovative technology. The BMW i8 Spyder Concept is a plug-in hybrid powered by a mid-mounted turbocharged 1.5 liters three-cylinder gas engine producing 223 hp which all goes to the rear axle (for driving pleasure), complimented by a 96 kW/131 horsepower electric motor up front powering the front axle. Working in symphony, the i8 Spyder Concept boasts 354 horsepower and 405 lb-ft of torque. Of course if you want to go green and run the i8 Spyder emissions free, it can travel roughly 19 miles before the gas engine is initiated to recharge the batteries. In total BMW claims94 miles per gallon on the Imperial cycle, or 78 mpg on stricter EPA standards.

Matched with the extensive use of lightweight materials like carbon fiber and aluminum and a perfectly balanced 50:50 weight distribution, the Spyder can sprint from 0-62 mph in five seconds on its way to a governed 155 mph. But perhaps the most practical aspect of the BMW i8 Spyder — which is also available in the Coupe form — is its adjustability: the concept can switch between front-wheel-drive, rear-wheel-drive and AWD on demand. Efficiency, performance or traction — what you need is what you get. The Spyder differs from the Coupe Concept with a shorter wheelbase (and overall length), its attention-grabbing up-swiveling windowless doors, and the inclusion of 2 tiny electric scooters under a glass panel in the rear to further improve urban commute. We look forward to seeing this in New York this week.

More detailed looks at the BMW i8 Spyder Concept, plus scooters, after the Jump…

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