It was a last minute change of plans for photographer Harry Benson that changed his life, and future documentation of The Beatles’ lives both on and off stage. Benson, perhaps best known and recognized for the iconic photo of The Beatles’ pillow fight at George V Hotel, also captured The Fab Four’s appearance on The Ed Sullivan Show, meeting Cassius Clay, while on the set of It’s a Hard Day’s Night, enjoying George Harrison’s Honeymoon in Barbados, and of course, their massive U.S. tour. “These photos convey a really happy period for them and for me. It all comes down to music, they were without a doubt the greatest band of the 20th century, and that’s why these photographs are so important,” notes Benson of his time with Paul, John, George & Ringo.

Loaded with over 700 images, these intimate moments shared between the band and Benson are printed in black and white and feature some never-before-seen photos of The Beatles. Included is an introductory essay by Benson himself, as well as quotes and newspaper clippings from the seminal “Beatlemania” period. Taschen’s Harry Benson. The Beatles: On The Road 1964 – 1966 is a Collectors Edition of only 1,764 books, each signed by Benson (an Art Edition with only 100 copies comes with a silver gelatin print). You can take part in sharing and reliving these historical memories with one of the greatest bands of the 20th century for $700.

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