20 Apr
The Raging Bull finally expands its heavyweight line-up

Another day another concept leak from the upcoming Beijing Motor Show, this time it’s the Urus Concept SUV from Lamborghini. It’s long been rumored that Lambo was flirting with the idea of producing an SUV, as owners VW Group have been itching to expand the appeal of the wildly popular high performance Italian brand. The big question wasn’t if Lambo was going to expand, but how it was going to expand. Other than the proposed SUV, Sant’ Agata was also considering a four-door coupe model to widen its market share — a la Porsche and its Panamera (and to a much lesser degree of success, Aston Martin and its Rapide). The behind-the-scenes turmoil at the VW umbrella was over which car to produce — the SUV or the sedan — a dilemma heavy with its own political intrigue. You see if Lambo went with the SUV it would be built on Audi’s Q7 chassis, which would mean Lambo would remain under Audi (which clearly Audi was petitioning for). However word on the street was that if they decided on the sedan, and it was built on the Panamera chassis, that VW was considering moving Lambo under its Porsche division (which Porsche was petitioning for). So the decision of which way to go is one that will have very powerful ramifications at one of the largest car companies on Earth.

So the decision to premier the SUV at China’s most important auto show, which also happens to be Audi’s largest market, seems to suggest Lamborghini is leaning towards the SUV. And what an SUV it is — sure to rile the Lamborghini purists to no end, just as the Cayenne inflamed Porsche purists, but it is a gorgeous and almost sinister take on the sport utility. The concept Urus will be powered by a 584 horsepower 5.2-liter V10, and is apparently considerably lighter than its luxury SUV competition… and most likely considerably more expensive. Very little else is known, but expect more info coming soon.

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  1. […] A brief video highlighting 50 years of premier automaker Lamborghini‘s vaunted history — from its very first Miura in 1965 to the legendary Countach to the still unreleased Aventador Roadster. The Sant’Agata, Bologna-based company is nearly peerless in its endeavors, its lineage of firebreathing mid-engined V12s arguably the richest in automotive history. Many had fears the Italian automaker would lose its bravado after being acquired by Audi/VW, but has since only grown stronger. Clearly we’re big fans of Lambo, and look forward to their future endeavors… which, of course, could even include an SUV… […]

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