23 Apr
New Art Correspondent Freddi C hits up MOCA for opening night

We previewed the Transmission LA: AV CLUB last week, and sent new Art Correspondent Freddi C with mic and camera in tow to check out the exhibit. This was her recap…

As the sun set downtown at the Geffen Contemporary MOCA, the Veuve flowed under an enormous shiny Mercedes-Benz logo suspended to look like a giant gold chain & pendant. And have to say that Mike D — “Creative head” for the exhibit — met the mark with this one. The exhibit provides an array of visual synergies, but when you put some of the best artists, designers and visionaries together in a well thought-out manner what else should you expect. Make sure to check out the accommodating visual dairies, as well as the opening night video footage below.

While mingling amongst the hip and very avant-garde I met Mark Fetherston, the British born and German-based designer of the quite stunning Mercedes-Benz “CSC” Concept Style Coupé (now officially called the “CLA”). He kindly led me to the exhibit room that houses the “show car” for a personal tour. There In a blacked out hall periodically lit by LED panels of gleaming lights the show car sparkled as its illuminated sleek gold body stood proud like a designer’s gem. “The show car of the Transmission LA: AV Club is its own piece of art, therefore I placed it in the very center of my exhibition,” Mike D explained. Make sure you don’t miss out on what I would title the bling room.

My personal favorite area to add to the must-see list is the one that exhibits the remarkable paintings by local LA artist Sage Vaughn. Large kaleidoscopes of brightly colored butterflies swirl on top of gray cityscapes and settings. I heard one person who had seen the work explain that is exactly how he sees LA: as a flurry of beauty set amongst a drab industrial backdrop.

Opening night footage of reception, Mike D interview and Santigold performing live

The Opening – TRANSMISSION LA: AV CLUB Curated by Mike D from The Avant/Garde Diaries on Vimeo.

LA art pillars like David Choe, Shepard Fairey, Chris Pastras, Evan Cerasoli, Jeremy Scott, Kelsey Brookes and of course MOCA director Jeffry Deitch all could be seen enjoying the festivities. If you missed your chance at rubbing shoulders with their ilk, however, don’t panic as there is plenty of time to check out the exhibition with accompanying scheduled music —  including Diplo, Z-Trip and former LCD Soundsystem maestro James Murphy on May the 3rd…. and guaranteed less suits!

See full line up here, and hit the Jump to see full music schedule and participating artist list. ALSO it’s important to note that these events are all free and open to the public, but arrive early to ensure entrance!

The rainbow colored deck and picnic tables made a comfortable seating area for VIP attendees to down their free booze and free food provided by LA favorite, the Kogi Truck.

Participating artists: Cory Arcangel; Sanford Biggers; Roy Choi; Peter Coffin; Jim Drain; Jim Drain/Ara Peterson; Family Books, David Jacob Kramer; Will Fowler, Jonah Freeman/Justin Lowe; Ben Jones; Robert McKinley; Mike Mills; Takeshi Murata; Ara Peterson, Public Fiction; Tom Sachs; Sage Vaughn.

Music Schedule:
April 26 – Jeremy Sole / Fat Lip / Egyptian Lover
April 27 – Special Guest
April 28 – Z-Trip
April 29 – DJ Harvey / James Murphy
May 4 – TBD
May 5 – Diplo and Mad Decent Crew

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