Capitalism saw its true boom in America from the 1950’s into the 1960’s. Advertising gained importance in design, presentation and overall execution, demographics would be specified and targeted, and the phrase “always be closing” would ring in the ears of business men across the states. TASCHEN America’s own Executive Editor Jim Heimann and contributing author Steven Heller have comprised a two-volume set of American-run print advertisements from the “Big Idea” age of advertising that we have come to know as the Mad Men era. Spanning 720 pages, Mid Century Ads: Advertising from the Mad Men Era contains digitally remastered print ads that revive the excitement and originality each possessed the first time they were run — from the infamous “Lemon” VW Beetle ad to many unscrupulously (and hilariously) sexist print commercials. Purchase your copy (also available in French and German) from the TASCHEN’s online store for $60.

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