9 Apr
40oz to freedom... and a cheap & boozy Friday night

There was a time when I was so broke, my favorite friend on a Friday night was a chilled 40oz of Olde English 800 (St. Ides, Mickey’s and Crazy Horse all making decent substitutes). One downed and you were feeling dandy, two and you were most likely clutching a porcelain sink somewhere in the throes of delirious headspins. When house parties called, they were my frosty drinking buddies — always reliable, always available, always did the trick. Recently launched New York label MOSS understands our appreciation for this classic malt liquor, and premiers its 40oz Bottle Tshirt for their Spring/Summer 2012 collection. Taking inspiration from the “8-Ball” malt liquor label you put away by the gallon in college,the tshirt is available in either black or white for $34. The brand has other New York pop-art inspired shirts such as their Alphabet City/Campbell’s Soup tee, but the 40oz Bottle is our favorite.

The white MOSS 40oz Bottle and Alphabet City t-shirts after the Jump…

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  2. Jordan Bridges says:

    I need this shirt in black in a 2XL. if its still in stock send the link to this email account above so I can buy it. thanks


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